Wireless Networking

Faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility

In terms of transmission rates and bandwidth, Wi-Fi may still lag behind standard and Fibre Optic cable options, but its flexibility and ease of use, combined with recent advances in security, means Wi-Fi is still a very popular and valuable networking solution for all kinds of business environments.

In general, Wi-Fi infrastructures are used to augment conventional wire-based topologies -- for example, relaying numerous devices to existing cable networks, which is particularly useful for organisations with large numbers of laptops, printers and a mobile, hot-desk mode of staff deployment.

However, wireless technology also comes to the fore where conventional cable topologies are uneconomical or are technically incapable -- such as where the cable length required is too expensive. A prime example is the use of directional Wi-Fi technology to integrate nearby sites with an organisation’s main infrastructure when there are physical obstacles to cable connection.

Whether it is a stand-alone Wi-Fi network solution or an adjunct to an existing cable network, our engineering team is fully qualified and highly experienced in every aspect of the project, including:

  • Wireless site survey
  • Wi-Fi network consultancy
  • Product selection
  • Wi-Fi system deployment
  • Wi-Fi security

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