Wireless Heat Mapping

Boost your wireless speed and reliability

ECS’s Wireless Heat Mapping solutions help us determine the exact points within an area to place an access point, thus allowing the greatest network coverage and transparency.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Creating a custom Wi-Fi heat map requires a manual survey of your site overlaid on a physical map. With ECS’s Performance Monitor, we can create dynamic Wi-Fi heat maps by polling the signal strength of access points and connected clients.
  2. Once the maps have been created, we can then visualise the state of wireless network signal coverage to identify dead zones, make adjustments, and improve coverage. ECS’s Network Performance Monitor uses the information from wireless access points, connected clients, and their signal strengths to show you just where your hot and cold spots are.
  3. Finding the physical location of a mobile device connected to your wireless network can be next to impossible. With our network monitoring software, you can create Wi-Fi heat maps that identify the location of a connected client.