Your business phone service in the cloud


Set up and manage your phone system in real time. Our VoIP solutions are very easy to use and come with 24/7 technical support.


Nobody likes being tied into long-term contracts. That’s why all our products come with reasonable monthly fees, allowing you to scale as your needs change.

We offer:

Telecommunication Cabling

Traditional analogue telephone cabling is still widely used for business networks -- and our expert team understands the importance of maintaining and augmenting existing systems alongside any new ones, whether it’s a comprehensive telephone network installation or adding a single extension.

VoIP Phone Systems

The great benefit of digital telephony is its ability to carry voice calls over your internet connection, so you can control the entire system from your browser. Ask our experts for advice on the best system for your operation and your installed network.

Digital Telephony

Now affordable for organisations of any size, digital telephony frees you from the constraints of physical phone extensions so that employees can take their dedicated phone line with them anywhere in the office or on the go.

Fault Detection & Repairs

We’re keenly aware that every minute your voice system is down damages your customer service and costs you money. When you need it fixed, there’s no one better qualified than ECS to get you up and running.