Edinburgh CityFibre

In partnership with Commsworld, powered by Fluency

The city-wide, fibre network will transform Edinburgh’s digital infrastructure, enabling gigabit speed, world class connectivity -- a stated aim of the Scottish Government -- and dramatically accelerating its digital capabilities. It will also future-proof the city as the thirst for greater bandwidth continues to grow exponentially over the coming decades.

Commsworld’s expertise and large existing customer base in the city will ensure Edinburgh businesses will be the first to benefit. CityFibre and Commsworld have estimated that the first phase of deployment, 50 km of network focused on central Edinburgh, will bring gigabit speeds, up to 100 times faster than the UK’s average, within reach of over 7,000 businesses. Our job is to deliver this connection to clients, whether this be through data cabling or enhanced networking infrastructure.

Construction will commence this summer and detailed planning is already under way. As with CityFibre’s other Gigabit City projects in Coventry, Peterborough, York and Aberdeen, the network will be deployed in-line with the company’s ‘Well-Planned City’ model. This design approach accommodates current and future capacity requirements from the business community, public sector, mobile operators and data-centre providers. Ultimately, the network could form a backbone for a future deployment of a gigabit-capable fibre to the home access network.