How it works

How do I submit a support request

Ensuring our clients are offered the best possible support is hugely important. This is why we have set up the necessary means for you to submit your support requests through our helpdesk team. It is essential to follow our guidelines, as this will get you the right support at the right time. We ask our clients to evaluate and assess how urgent their issue is and submit a support request accordingly. Please see below for a small breakdown of how to submit your request.

Remote Support -

Once you have submitted your ticket for help desk support, a technician may ask to gain remote access to your workstation to assess the issue themselves.

Email Support -

This is the easiest and most effective option. All non-urgent requests should be submitted into a ticket format and will be taken care of by our technicians within your SLA agreement times.

Phone Support - 0131 467 9999

All business-critical issues and problems affecting more than one user should be addressed by phone. This will allow our team to prioritise your request.

Our SLAs and Response Times

Critical = Severity 1

A business-critical component of the system is inoperable. Work on the problem will commence within one (1) hour with technical support staff as dedicated resources until resolution.

Severe = Severity 2

A system component is severely restricted in its designated usage, significantly impacting business. Work on the problem will commence within four (4) hours of the initial call and will be resolved within eight (8) working business hours after work has been initiated.

Minimal = Severity 3, 4 & 5

A non-critical component of the system is malfunctioning, causing minimal business impact. Work on the problem will commence within sixteen (16) working business hours of the initial call, and efforts will be limited to business hours.

Our clients’ IT systems are proactively monitored at all times. If anything happens, we usually know about it before they do. Tickets, response and resolution times, and engineer availability are all tracked, which means that you can monitor the progress of your ticket online, and that our team leads can easily keep an eye over everything to ensure our SLAs are always met.