For Wide Area Networks (WAN) we partner with the Fluency network. Our team has extensive experience delivering private WANs for customers with multiple sites. Our offerings include fully managed Layer 3 VPN solutions, as well as wires only Layer 2 VPLS delivery.

What is L3VPN?

If you operate multiple sites across your organisation, you naturally want to be able to reach from your local network at one site to your local network at another. This might be between branches, from a branch to your data centre, or even from your data centre to your backup hosting in a public cloud (such as Amazon or Azure). Our VPN service is a fully managed IPVPN infrastructure than spans your entire organisation and beyond, giving you full reachability across your network.

What is VPLS?

VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service. Like L3VPN, it provides connectivity between sites. However, it is delivered as a Layer 2 Ethernet service, providing much more flexibility than your average WAN. The easiest way to think of VPLS is like a big virtual Ethernet switch in the sky. Fluency provides an Ethernet-based connection to each of the customer’s sites, which connects you to the switch. Just like a managed Ethernet switch, each tail or port can be configured however you like, but the basic principle is that they act as a pseudo-wire (i.e. they carry all the VLAN tags, Class-of-Service labels and any other data sent by your own Ethernet equipment to the other sites).

How does it work?

ECS’s L3VPN and VPLS services are delivered over its fully owned and managed carrier-grade Fluency MPLS network, built on Juniper’s best-of-breed MX routing platform. Connectivity can be provided on a range of circuit types, available nationally and internationally using the Fluency on-net presence where it exists, and a wide array of third party network operators where it doesn’t. There isn’t a corner of the country we can’t access.