Dedicated, Low-Latency, Ultra-Fast

Fibre Ethernet, also known as ‘National Ethernet’, ‘Ethernet Extension’ or ‘Ethernet Leased Line’ provide an ultra high-speed, carrier-grade Ethernet connectivity to businesses across the UK. Service is delivered using a dedicated fibre optic ‘bearer’ circuit with speeds of 100MB/s, 1GB/s and even 10GB/s. Fibre Ethernet is perfect for LAN extension and other high-speed, high-availability applications.

Partnering with Fluency’s Ethernet proposition is genuinely unique in the marketplace thanks to its LLU presence in Scotland, its UK-wide national Next Generation Network and numerous third party carriers. Fluency operate points of presence (PoPs) across the length and breadth of the country. This national footprint allows Fluency to terminate customer access tails at the closest location, keeping the circuit as close to the last mile as possible.

Local And National Ethernet Reach

Our extensive LLU presence in exchanges within Scottish cities, Fibre Ethernet is typically delivered using only last-mile fibre tails from Openreach. This connects your site directly to the Fluency network with no other network operator in the path. Thanks to the optical nature of the circuit, service will be ultra low latency (less than 0.5ms to the Fluency network) and has a truly carrier-grade 5-hour-fix SLA.

In cases where the customer site is further away, Fluency can deliver Fibre Ethernet across the UK using a wide range of National network operators. These ‘off-net’ circuits are delivered using the 3rd party’s layer2 network, and connected to the Fluency network using its unprecedented number of NNI (Network to Network Interconnects) with its off-net carriers. Fluency has multiple interconnects with each of it’s carrier partners, including Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Vodafone (C&W/Thus) and others. Uniquely, Fluency interconnect with a number of other operators who have footprint in key areas and markets (such as Virtual1 for London LLU Ethernet and Allegro Networks for London and Manchester data centre cross-connects).

True Resiliency

Where other providers may offer what they call ‘resiliency’, we often find that their capabilities are somewhat limited or the solution has not been designed with much scrutiny to the underlying operators. Thanks to Fluency’s choice of carriers, its truly resilient core network and local access networks, it is able to offer the ultimate assurance in resiliency and diversity.

Depending on location, Commsworld can design resilient connectivity to customers sites ranging from basic network-level carrier diversity and access-level carrier diversity to full cable-route design and national network overlap analysis (i.e. identifying any common routes and upstream providers that separate network operators may share at a national level).

High Speed, Low Latency, Carrier-Grade SLA

As with the nature of fibre optic services, speed is guaranteed, bandwidth is symmetric and the connection is inherently very low-latency. This makes Fibre-based Ethernet perfect for customers needing to take advantage of time-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry applications. For customers looking to serve or use mission-critical applications, the time-to-fix SLA is usually 5 hours, allowing you to take comfort that your network will always be on-line.

Where many service providers offer Fibre-based Ethernet solely as a leased-line replacement, providing just Internet access, Fluency allows its customers to fully exploit the Ethernet capabilities of the service. For example, additional VLANs can be provided to separate access for Voice, Internet, VPN or colocation breakout. Fluency can even provide fully managed multi-site Wide Area Networks using Fibre Ethernet and other access products. In addition to basic service separation, each of the VLANs can be treated with different Layer2 class-of-service (CoS) tags, allowing customers to push as much traffic as they like without impacting quality of service for crucial applications.