Cloud Security

Our assurances to you:

  1. We have restricted physical data centre access to authorised personnel and have implemented multiple layers of physical security, such as biometric readers, motion sensors, 24-hour secured access, surveillance cameras, and security breach alarms.
  2. We enable encryption of data both at rest and via the network as it is transmitted between a data centre and a user.
  3. We don’t mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
  4. We use customer data only to provide the service; we don’t otherwise look at files without your permission.
  5. We regularly back up your data.
  6. We won’t delete all the data in your account at the end of your service term until you have had time to take advantage of the data portability that we offer.
  7. We host your customer data in-region.
  8. We enforce “hard” passwords to increase security of your data.
  9. We provide privacy-impacting features that you can toggle on and off.
  10. We contractually commit to the promises made here within our terms and conditions.