Cloud Backup

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

ECS’s Hybrid Cloud provides:

  • Data insurance - Local and off-site backups with data integrity.
  • Local storage flexibility - Reduced necessity to purchase more local storage as a result of data growth or backup pruning restrictions.
  • Standards compliance - Confidently comply with regulatory mandates relating to data protection and data recoverability.
  • Infrastructure control for MSPs - Best-in-class solutions without platform maintenance responsibility.
  • Bandwidth optimization - Datto SpeedSync weighted replication.

A smarter hybrid cloud

Private cloud solutions enable businesses to have complete control over their cloud environment, but are very expensive to implement and maintain. Public cloud is cost-effective, but the lack of control of data centre resources, monthly fees, and increased support costs can be a hindrance. With a hybrid cloud model, businesses are able to create a single, unified platform. The system is then integrated with resources owned by a third party.

ECS’s Hybrid Cloud Backup solution replicates backup images from local backup devices and archive them in proprietary data centres, so they can be accessed in the event of a disaster. Having the cloud infrastructure developed by a third party is valuable to end-users because cloud vendors can provide additional space at lower costs per GB than the average MSP could provide if they built their own cloud.

Data insurance

The hybrid cloud backup process provides a great deal of data security by generating a backup locally, and then replicating the backup off-site. With local hardware, all data remains in-house, protected by firewalls, security protocols, and the encryption inherent to the backup device. Furthermore, by sending encrypted data to dedicated data centres, users are ensured that there are redundant copies of the data secured off-site in the event of a disaster.

This level of security provides a great value proposition to end-users in terms of insurance. Businesses insure every aspect of their infrastructure (buildings, equipment, employees), yet most of them don’t insure the most important pieces of their entire business; their data. Business continuity is a perfect form of insurance for clients’ data. By having several copies of data located in multiple remote locations, hybrid cloud owners can rest assured that in the event of a disaster, their data is protected and can be restored at any time.

Local storage flexibility

A benefit of hybrid cloud is that the entire backup is not solely housed on-site. Our Hybrid Cloud Platform allows you to restore files easily, so you don’t have to worry about losing on-demand access to your data.

This offers a great benefit to smaller companies, because it provides some flexibility if the local backup device has limited storage. In the event that a business starts to run out of space on their device, they prune off local copies of older backups that have already been replicated and secured off-site. This reduces the necessity to purchase more local storage to meet their data growth requirements.