Cloud Solutions

Increased collaboration and effectiveness

The cloud is enabling increased collaboration

Cloud computing allows organisations to provide collaboration and communication tools, software, apps and access to documents and databases not only from anywhere, but also on a per-user basis. This significantly impacts an organisation’s flexibility and ability to introduce new tools and phase out old tools.

Mobility helps improve service levels

Cloud technology is very much an enabler for mobility. Without the cloud, our infrastructure would look very different, and as a result service levels would not be what they are today. The cloud and services delivered by the cloud have enabled us not only to scale, but also to take advantage of the latest technology as it becomes available.

The cloud offers increased scalability

and flexibility Cloud computing makes it possible for small businesses to harness the computing power and technology that has only previously been available to enterprises with big budgets. Cloud computing also brings scalability and flexibility, so you can have hundreds of servers working for you 24/7.

Cloud computing is levelling the technology playing field

Cloud computing impacts mobility (working wherever you like) by making it available to companies of all sizes. Video conferencing is a great example of something that previously was only available to large organisations with big IT budgets. With cloud computing, small organisations can also use video conferencing, allowing them to compete with their larger cousins on a level technology playing field.